Harm of Anabolic Steroids —  all British athletes need to know

Anabolic steroids are drugs that, during use, increase the rate of protein recovery in the body and lead muscles to significant growth. In professional sports, in particular in bodybuilding, anabolics are used as an additional ingredient, with the help of which such aspects as strength, endurance, metabolism and, of course, muscle mass are improved.

Based on the pharmacological purpose, steroids are similar to male natural growth hormone and contribute to the production of testosterone in the blood. Moreover, the effect of steroids is several times stronger. In other words, doping leads the body into a process similar to puberty during adolescence. In this case, chemicals act completely on the whole body, adversely affecting the digestive system, and can also generally disrupt the metabolism.

The principle of steroids

Since steroids dissolve in fat cells, they invade all the functioning organs of the human body, even the brain and heart, without difficulty. Perhaps this is the main factor because of which they act on progress in muscle development. At the same time buy Anavar 50 from UK supplier, they inflate the nervous system and sex drive, since there is an excess of testosterone in the body.

The psychological consequences of the use of anabolic steroids

Steroids greatly affect the functioning of the brain. A man who uses anabolic drugs gets euphoric and feels incredibly strong, energetic and sexually attractive. The communication skill is also increasing, the man is becoming more self-confident. Self-love and excessive self-esteem can also be attributed to the flow of psychological influences.


However, after the completion of the steroid course, testosterone production sharply decreases to negative indicators — embarrassments appear during sexual intercourse, complete indifference to your life, the amount of stress begins to increase, developing depression.

All of these points encourage a person to reintroduce anabolic steroids into his life in order to feel as before.

Anabolics are characterized by the appearance of a person with increased libido and an incredible increase in muscle mass. However, excessive use of steroids is a great risk to the body, especially for liver function. Often people who safely use doping have an addiction and a number of side effects, sometimes dangerous and irreversible.